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NCIS season 9 - quote I waited in that restaurant, alone, for three hours. [shs] When I saw him next, it was the following morning, and then he just said he got caught up with work. I wasn't ready to meet the one when we met, Tony, but I sent you that invitation because I am now. Tony We. As you in you and me? Ziva That's not what I meant. Tony Well what did you mean then, Ziva. Rachel Well, the women you date are messed up.

NCIS" Singled Out TV Episode 2006 - Quotes - IMDb Tony: Computer monitors, clandestine meetings in Vance's office; you're up to something, Mc Devious. McGee's complaining about Tony ing him "Probie." Special. Officer Ziva David, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo together Do Gibbs and the Director!

NCIS 7 reasons Tony and Jeanne don't belong together - SheKnows [looks uncomfortable after receiving a disapproving look from Ziva] And I sometimes get coffee for free. He lost Shannon, the one love of his life, and you lost faith in yourself for so many reasons. Feb 24, 2016. If NCIS fans aren't shipping Tony DiNozzo with Ziva David, then there's a good chance they want him to be with his Season 4 love, Jeanne.

NCIS season 9 - quote
NCIS 7 reasons <i>Tony</i> and Jeanne don't belong together - SheKnows

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