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Parent Information for DMSA <em>Scan</em>

Parent Information for DMSA Scan During a 20-week ultrasound scan, the sonographer noticed that the baby's long bone in his rht arm was on the bottom end of the growth scale. The doctors have suggested that your child has a DMSA scan. The scan is a very. contact Wendy Ward or the Nuclear Medicine Department as the scan may have to be postponed. You are able to. Date January 2016. Review January.

IBM - Real Vision Imaging <em>RVI</em>

IBM - Real Vision Imaging RVI Another scan a few days later revealed Dylan could have radial club hand, a condition that causes the hand to point towards the body, and Jill was referred to the RVI. It sounds awful, but I didn't want a baby with disabilities. RVI is a document imaging and report capture solution desned for the iSeries clients across all industries. RVI provides. Date last modified Dec 15, 2015.

Real Vision Software - Document Imaging Solutions

Real Vision Software - Document Imaging Solutions I was thinking, 'Is he going to be in a wheelchair? ' It wasn't what I wanted for myself at the time.' At the RVI, Jill had a more in-depth scan and an amniocentesis test. RVI has really helped reduce our turn-around times, establish better audit / security controls. No desktop software to install and keep up to date. improve our processes by taking advantage of RVI's scanning and spool file capturing ability.

Real Vision Imaging System User's Guide - NW-SCC

Real Vision Imaging System User's Guide - NW-SCC One of the consultants mentioned that the baby had a small jaw, but Iain and Jill say micrognathia wasn't mentioned. This is accomplished from AS/400 and the RVI Scanning Menu. Date Stamp Check this box to date stamp the document scanned. • Time Stamp Check this.

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