Dating a guy that has no job

No Money, No Honey Unemployed Men Are Deal Breakers for. Though notably conducted by a matchmaking service for singles looking to meet 'normal, well-educated professionals', the report broke down the numbers to find out whether the votes were finance-based or more complex. Jun 29, 2012. The survey revealed that almost two out of every three men are open to dating a woman without a job with 19 percent saying that there was no.

Would you date a man without a job? Forget bad teeth - Daily Mail Pointed out, from the female perspective, the results seem to indicate that where women have traditionally been labelled as gold-dgers, the main priority nowadays is that a guy shows at least some initiative and direction. Jun 28, 2012. Despite tough economic times and a solid unemployment rate, a new study has revealed that women are not interested in dating a man with no.

Dedicated boyfriend but unemployed and unambitious, should i end. On the other side of the fence, the fact that so many single men are disinterested in a woman's career credentials could point to a more old-fashioned attitude that belittles the importance of a woman's job. I care about him so much and he has been great to me. I've heard it said before that, when dating someone, you should only plan. I made no money having just quit a moderately lucrative job to start my own business.

Am I Being Too Materialistic By Giving Up on a Financially Unstable. For 4 of those months he was staying with me, temporarily, because he was starting his life over after his divorce and had little income. I decided to get back into the dating world and I met this guy online – four. But a b worry for me is that is has absolutely no stability or consistency in his life. his job last week just because he didn't like his boss anymore, has no assets, no.

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